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"Let me Train Your Next Superstar DJ"
With over two decade of experience my resume/background allows me to be able too see the need to teach all the fundamentals of DJ ing first. It enables me to see exactly what each individual DJ student requires. I custom tailor each and every students' lesson based on his or her ability. I deeply get into each lesson; review; evaluate, and provide feedback and encouragement to my DJ students. Hands on practices are a must in my mobile DJ academy. While some students have a natural ability and love in becoming a DJ, others will require more mentorship on my behalf, which I foster. Since my criteria is very high, the students I train for "Your Company" will only go on gigs/events on their own, once I feel they gained the knowledge and confidence needed to make it a success. My reputation, as well as my DJ students' matter !!!

Call me today for a custom quote for "Training Your Next Superstar DJ"  (732-890-8515 )



Gregory Lambiase aka DJ Greg Nice 

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Ground level training or Individual Courses

  • Building Confidence  

  • Emcee/Public Speaking techniques

  • What equipment best suits your needs

  • Mixing & Blending 

  • How to prep for a gig 

  • How to do consultations 

  • How to dress for success 

  • & much more!

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