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"Greg has been giving our son DJ lessons for over two years. The hands on lessons are great. Before our son started with Greg, he knew absolutely nothing about DJing! Greg also helped to search out and advise us on all equipment purchases. DJ Greg Nice is not only a teacher, but a great motivator on life and mentor.  We 100% recommend taking lessons from him!"

- Julie C.

"Well my name is dj smiley da butcher and i went to the mobile dj academy for a brush up,ive been djing for 24 years out of Brooklyn new York and south Jersey. I had fun learning all the new step,and brushing up with all the new technology stuff thats out there!"

-DJ Smiley

"DJ Greg Nice and the whole Mobile DJ Academy is phenomenal!!! I came to there to take a crash course on mixing and beatmatching and learned a whole lot more!! DJ Greg Nice's energy and passion for deejaying is very contagious and I'm a better DJ because of it. I cannot recommend this program enough!!!"

- Tommy DeeJay Throwback

My son had so much fun & learned so much with DJ Greg. It's a great thing for a kid to take interest in.

- Tracie K.

My daughter has loved this experience. It has not just taught er her about music but it has given her self confidence. Thank you Greg!!


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