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  Skills developed while learning how to DJ and MC


  • Focus

    • Learning how to harness focus not only builds dj skills but can be applied to other aspects of life such as reading or completing assignments.


  • Confidence

    • Speaking and announcing on a microphone helps build this skill which can benefit the student through their school years and at work. Helps with voicing ideas in group settings and public speaking.


  • Critical Thinking

    • Djing and mc’ing helps students formulate steps and anticipate what needs to happen next.  Kids feel comfortable asking questions and receive answers which allows them to apply what they learned to other aspects of their lives.


  • Timing

    • Identifying tempos, patterns, and pitches and when and how to blend music.


  • Memorization

    • ​Remembering where the various buttons and tools are to create certain sounds or blends.


  • Technology

    • Dj'ing uses various forms of technology to create mixes.  Kids can assimilate what’s going on around them by using technology which is beneficial to their future. Even if the student knows the equipment or technology it is my formula and method that will lead the student in the right direction. 


  • Creativity

    • Dj'ing allows for a student to apply their own personal style and preferences to create a musical masterpiece. Studies show that music enhances kids development and cognitive skill set.

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